Hike the Great Outdoors

Hiking is an ideal way to explore the magnificent landscape of Crater Lake National Park. From short, accessible trails to longer, invigorating routes that explore the backcountry, you’ll find a hike to suit your pace and experience.

Castle Crest 0.5 miles -
20 minutes
The trail takes you through a lush meadow with views of the creek, and in July you can witness abundant wildflowers. 
Lady of the Woods 0.7 miles -
30 minutes
Walk around to the Park Headquarters. Learn about early park architects and how they integrated their designs with the natural landscape. 
Sun Notch 0.8 miles -
30 minutes
Take a short uphill walk through a meadow to the rim of Crater Lake. See great views of Phantom Ship. 
The Pinnacles 0.8 miles -
30 minutes
An easy walk along the rim of Pinnacle Valley. See great views of the volcanic spires. 
Godfrey Glen 1.1 miles -
30 minutes
Stroll through an old growth forest with some amazing canyon views. 
Plaikni Falls 2.0 miles -
60 minutes
Enjoy an easy walk through old growth forest to a Plaikni Waterfall.
Discovery Point 2.0 miles -
60 minutes
Trail along the rim of Crater Lake through a forest of whitebark pines and mountain hemlocks. See great views of the lake and Wizard Island.
Fumarole Bay 1.7 miles -
60 minutes
A rocky trail on Wizard Island leading to a shallow cove with clear water. Here you can enjoy some swimming or fishing.
Watchman Peak 1.6 miles -
60 minutes
A moderate ascent to a fire lookout above Wizard Island. See some spectacular panoramic views, great place to catch the sunset.
Annie Creek 1.7 miles - 
90 minutes
This is moderately strenuous hike through a deep canyon. There is lots of water, wildflowers and every once in while you catch a glimpse of some wildlife.
Wizard Summit 2.2 miles - 
90 minutes
A rocky climb to the top of Wizard Island. Take in panoramic views. A 0.3 mile path leads around the 90-foot crater at the summit.
Cleetwood Cove 2.2 miles - 
90 minutes
The only legal access to the shore of Crater Lake is Cleetwood Cove. Here you can swim, fish, or catch a boat cruise.
Garfield Peak 3.6 miles - 
2 - 3 hours
Enjoy spectacular views along the way to the high peak of Garfield Peak. See diverse plants and wildflowers. 
Mount Scott 4.4 miles - 
3 hours
Gradual ascent of the park's highest peak. Hike is best in the morning when the light is ideal for Crater Lake viewing. 
Crater Peak 6.5 miles - 
3 1/2 hours
Hike to the summit of a small volcano. There are no lake views, but views of Klamath Basin and a peaceful walk through the forest. 
Union Peak 9.8 miles - 
5 - 6 hours
Long forest walk followed by a very steep climb. There are no views of Crater Lake, but you'll still find breathtaking panoramic views at the top.

Summer Backcountry Hiking

Large Pacific Crest Trail Loop 30 miles Hike a segment of West Rim Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Route passes by the following campsites; Grouse Hill, Red Cone Springs, Bybee Creek, and Dutton Creek. 
Small Pacific Crest Trail Loop 24.8 miles Hike a segment of West Rim Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Route passes by the following campsites; Lightning Springs, Grouse Hill, Red Cone Springs and Bybee Creek.
Dutton/Lightning Loop 12.8 miles Hike a small segment of West Rim Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Route passes by the following campsites; Lightning Springs and Dutton Creek. 
Bald Crater Loop 20.3 miles Hike a small segment of the Pacific Crest Trail and branch off to loop around Bald Crater, stopy by Sphagnum Bog and Red Cone Springs. 
Union Peak/Stuart Falls 22.4 miles Hike two segments of the Pacific Crest Trail, branch off to climb Union Peak, and then continute on Pacific Crest Trail to Staurt Falls. No loop option. 

NOTE: There is no hiking trail that encircles Crater Lake in the summer.

In the winter, you can ski or snowshoe out and back along West Rim Drive or East Rim Drive, or all the way around the lake.