Wizard Island Shuttle

Wizard Island Shuttle

Please Note: 2022 Boat Tour Season: Crater Lake Hospitality is scheduled to resume boat tours starting June 24, 2022 conditions permitting. Advance reservations for boat tours are scheduled to be available starting July 1, 2022.

Take the Shuttle to Wizard Island

Wizard Island is a 763-foot cinder cone created when Crater Lake first filled with water after the volcano collapsed. During the summer, the Wizard Island shuttle gives you plenty of time to hike to the summit and take in the panoramic view, fish, swim, and explore this unique part of Crater Lake National Park.

While on Wizard Island, be sure to hike the Wizard Island Summit Trail. This moderate hike is approximately 1 hour to the top of Wizard Island with a path leading to the 90-foot deep crater at the summit. Total trail length is 2.2 miles round trip. 

Shuttle Information


June 24, 2022 - September 11, 2022


Departs Cleetwood

8:30 am
11:30 am

Departs Wizard Island (returns to Cleetwood)

12:15 pm
3:05 pm
4:35 pm

Shuttle may be canceled in inclement weather.

Prices Adults: $28.00
Child (Ages 3-12): $18.00
Child (Ages 2 & Under): Not Permitted
Departure Cleetwood Cove Boat Dock at the north side of Crater Lake. To reach the dock you will need to hike the Cleetwood Cove Trail, one of the park’s steepest trails. The trail is 1.1 miles long (one-way) with a 700-foot elevation change.
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NOTE: Reaching the dock you will need to hike the Cleetwood Cove Trail. This trail is very steep and can be very strenuous as it drops approximately 700 ft. It may take 30 - 45 minutes to descend trail. (Trail is 2.2 miles round trip).